Welcome to iOwl Brushes!

Made from all-natural, minimally-processed bamboo and only the highest quality “first cut” boar bristles.  Each brush is then hand-finished.

Boar bristles have been used for hair brushing for hundreds of years because of its natural ability to clean and condition hair with minimal need for additional hair products.  Bristle quality is determined first by the quality of the boar it comes from, and then by the cut.  “First cut” refers to bristles that are cut from the bottom (the root) where the hair is thicker and has a rounded tip.  The thicker portion of the bristle is stiffer, providing better access to all strands of hair during brushing plus the ability to contact and gently massage the scalp.  First cut bristles are much more expensive but also much more effective, producing healthier and better looking hair.

Bamboo is water and bacteria resistant due to its natural hardness and density.  It is also a highly renewable, green resource that is completely biodegradable and Earth-friendly.  The bamboo used in our brushes is hand-selected for the best look and cut possible and then, each block is finished by hand.